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December 31, 2013

NEW YEAR'S EVE 2013New Year’s Eve is traditionally the time the Valins pull together a gathering. Our OTR house is about as clean and decorated as it ever gets. We buy lots of goodies and treats, and cold cuts and this year I am making chili as well.

We’ve had a rotating cast of guests at our signature gathering. This year, we still are anchored by family members, but I am also remembering all the years my parents would arrive (always early!) carrying their contribution to the party. My dad would always want to start playing pinochle as soon as he could gather three other people . . . my mom would wander about chattering and tell me to do one thing while I was doing another . . .

I miss them terribly.

However, this year we are going for it once again. We’re expecting family and friends, and Puppy will get overexcited and bark and bark and bark . . .

I’d also like to offer a sincere “Happy New Year’s Eve” to all the readers of valinkat.

I’m looking forward to making a fresh start in the new year.

So what if it’s a fairly arbitrary marker in time – I’m game!

See you next year!