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June 21, 2013

trout plated

trout microgreens

trout celebration plate



June 10, 2013

My mom died exactly one year ago today. She was ninety-three, almost ninety-four. Today, I’d like salute her spirit, so (in that spirit!) ¬†here’s a snap of her in the snow in a tree as a young woman, in her home state of Kentucky. Of course, there were no phone cameras in her day, so the taking of this photograph (I have no record of who ¬†took it, or why) must have been quite a fun and silly moment for her. Isn’t she lovely? And mischievous?

Mom in tree


June 5, 2013


OKAY, we who live here on Orchard Street in Over-the-Rhine are pretty passionate about our neighborhood. Today, when one of us heard the chainsaws of the city tree pruners approaching, within about a half hour we had mustered a critical mass of people who actually stopped the imminent trimming because of our concerns that the Duke Energy easement (they are contractors to the City of Cincinnati, which owns the trees) would continue to trim the trees to serve real safety needs without concern for the beauty of the trees, which have become a trademark of our street (for years now, every spring we hold an Orchard Street Blossom Festival, where we come together to celebrate our street).

Oddly, I thought about how our encounter echoed one that happened in Istanbul recently, where people gathered in a public park ahead of bulldozers in a valued greenspace there.

And, odd though it was to consider, and though the protests there probably have a lot more resonance, how wonderful that for just this moment we were able to preserve what for us is an (okay, it’s hokey) valued asset to our lives. Kudos to my neighbors, the city and Duke, at least for this moment in time.


June 1, 2013

Fringe Press Pass

As the first week of Cincinnati’s Fringe Festival, “Kinda weird Like you,” comes to a close, I invite you to visit, where you’ll find complete Fringe coverage, and reviews. You’ll find my reviews of “Persephone’s Prerogative” and “violent as BIRTH, dramatic as DEATH” there.

“Violent as BIRTH …” next plays at 5 pm today at 1211 Jackson Street. and “Persephone’s …” at the School for Creative and Performing Arts black box theater at 8 pm.

In each, young performers get totally into the spirit of Fringe. Read my reviews, perhaps you’ll want to put them on your Fringe calendar. Did I mention that every opening of every show so far has also been considered by Rick Pender’s intrepid staff of reviewers?

Fringe runs through next Saturday.