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August 31, 2010

Part of the fun of Tuesday stops at Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market is meeting those who participate in CHEF (Cultivating a Healthy Environment for Farmers). Here are some snaps from last Tuesday’s Farmer’s Market, which runs from 3 -6 pm today.  Marisol and Jose (and daughter) hail from Cuba, and offer produce they grow in Carthage. They have a translator on hand for questions – also, last Tuesday, there were free grilled snacks from a chef-in-training at Cincinnati State’s Culinary Institute.


Sir Christopher Lee Reads Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”

August 28, 2010

August 27, 2010

August 28, 2010

There have been a few cool evenings lately. These after weeks of scorchers and high humidity. In addition to being welcome, the change brings to mind that the end of summer is upon us. It’s also been very dry. The sycamores that line Central Parkway are dropping brown leaves. The redbud tree across the street with bobbing green heart-shaped leaves is now sporting little flat curtains of brownish seed pods along drooping branches. It seems like only yesterday they were freshly green.

It would be strange to live in a climate without the seasonal changes of the Ohio Valley, rather like living in a flat landscape with no hills to give perspective to the spaces through which we travel every day. Even though we live in a urban landscape, there is a persistence of nature. On a small sliver of dirt between an alley and Liberty Street are wonderful masses of purple thistles, which open up into fluffy, round white seed pods, after which the plants become brown husks, their job done.

Earlier in the year were proliferations of Queen Anne’s lace, golden rod, and sky-blue chicory flowers. The oval flower buds of the purple morning glory wound around the fence across the street look as if they won’t wait until morning to begin to open.

The birdsong that once echoed through the buildings day and night vanished suddenly one day. Instead, squirrels are obvious, scolding and active.

Day by day, there’s a change in the quality of light. Bare red brick is illuminated with pristine clarity. To me, it brings on nostalgia and melancholy. Each thing I see seems to change and age moment by moment, a reminder, forgotten in the monotonous heat of the last few weeks, that each unique moment of time passes and is gone forever.


August 27, 2010

Heather Britt’s Rhythm and Motion class is an all time favorite for me and many others – fun, juicy choreography, and an AWESOME workout all in one package. Heather is also a wonderful choreographer and dancer. Cincinnati Ballet has an event scheduled at The Ballet Center (Central Parkway and Liberty) this evening where you can watch Heather as she works with her choreography and CB dancers, and also take a R&M class. They are asking $20, proceeds benefit Heather’s Cincinnati Ballet New Works piece beginning September 9 (these shows open the CB season). I’ve just snapped off their website. If you’ve never seen or tried this class (participants wear mostly jazz or yoga pants with sneakers) I can’t recommend it enough. Runs 5 through 8:30 pm with reception to follow.


August 27, 2010


August 26, 2010

Can we go, please?

HERE’S AN IDEA FOR TOMORROW FOR YOU AND YOUR BEST FRIEND FROM ‘CHELE & AMANDA OF PETWANTS: “Quick little note here! This Thursday August 26th we’re hosting our 2nd Yappy Hour! Treats for our 4 legged friends and light adult beverages for the rest of us. 4-7 PM here at our store in Findlay Market.”


August 26, 2010

Cincinnati Ballet’s 2010-11 season opener “New Works” runs September 9 – 19 for ten performances in The Mickey Jarson Kaplan Performance Studio. Tickets ($45 – $50)  are at 513-621-5282 or at

In recent years, this series has become popular (nearly always a sell-out, perhaps due to the limited number of seats in the theater) for its spotlight on individual dancers seen up close in in atypical roles. It’s this kind of performance that intrigues regular ballet goers, brings in new audiences and gives dancers a devoted fan base.

Also in recent years, music has become an integral component. Last season, opening night was wonderful with live music for each choreographer.

This year, choreographers include Heather Britt, Ka-Ron Brown Lehman, Jessica Lang, Sergey Sergiegv and duo Missy Lay Zimmer and Andrew Hubbard.

Music is from Peter Adams, Art of Noise, Michael Chertock, Dmitri Shostakovich and Over the Rhine.

I will be updating information “New Works” soon, but thanks to Stacey Recht (Director of Marketing and Communications) I am able to share some EYE CANDY from last year.

Janessa Touchet, Principal Dancer. Photography: Peter Mueller.

Cincinnati Ballet dancers with musician Peter Adams. Photography: Peter Mueller.

Kelly Yankle, Corps de Ballet. Photography: Peter Mueller.

Cervilio Amador, Principal Dancer


August 26, 2010


August 25, 2010

And sometimes, there’s no mending, at least in this life.

That’s the story behind Louisville Ballet’s 59th season opener September 10 in the Whitney Hall at the Kentucky Center in – where else – Louisville, Kentucky.

It’s a familiar ballet story, and in this case, following the strictures of the Romantic Era, the young peasant girl Giselle is driven to madness and death by the faithless (and might we add, callow) Albrecht. It’s been said before, but the trajectory is love, deception and redemption here.

If you want ballet, this is Ballet with a capital “B.” To me, it is one of the ballets that, like a movie, can capture your imagination and draw you deep into the story.

Tickets can be obtained by phone at (502) 584-7777, (800) 775-7777, or for students 20 minutes before the performance, a ticket can be had for just $10 with a valid student ID.

Giselle and Albrect portrayed by Louisville Ballet's Amanda Diehl and Robert Dunbar. Photo credit Victor Simon/Warren Lynch & Associates.


August 23, 2010

Saturday I heard Isaac Hand, my OTR neighbor, play guitar with cellist Ethan Philbrick as part of the duo Turmeric. Today, I encountered him by chance at at Clifton Natural Foods. He leaves tomorrow for Istanbul, Turkey, where he will teach English for a year.